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Lumberjack’s Cookbook

Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Shane Colin Mountain

Join Shane Mountain and guests at The Lumberjack’s Cookbook to learn how to make fun, unique and customized wood products to impress your friends and family with your new knowledge and skills. We take you through the step-by-step processes needed to complete each project. Carpentry is an exciting and challenging trade that anyone can do with a little help and guidance. Lumberjack’s Cookbook is here to help you learn the ways of carpentry!

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Episode 1 - Picnic Table

Local actor and comedian Dennis Trainor joins host Shane Mountain to construct a picnic table while having a few laughs. Larger than most that can be purchased at 8-foot by 4-foot, learn how to build this ‘jumbo’ picnic table for a cheaper price.

Episode 2 - Viking Chair

Using a hefty piece of 2-inch pine board, learn how to make a stylish and unique Viking Stargazer Chair. A simple and ancient design that is both comfortable and a conversation piece around any campfire or on a deck, or at the beach. We show how to finish the wood to help with weather resistance and make it last a lifetime.

Episode 3 - Axe Throwing Target

Martial arts instructor and former UFC fighter Jason Saggo helps build an Axe Throwing Target, the supreme yard game. The target is simple in design, strong and capable of taking anything you can throw at it, including martial arts kicks.

Episode 4 - Cutting Board

Want a gift for a loved one? What better way to impress your significant other, your parents or friends than to make them a solid, attractive, hardwood cutting board. We show you how to select your material, mill it to size and glue it together. A showpiece for any kitchen.

Episode 5 - Axe Handle

Making an axe handle is a rewarding process. Shaping and finishing requires attention to detail and lets you use your artistic side as no two custom axe handles are the same. It can be a challenge, but Shane takes you through the step-by-step process.

Episode 6 - BBQ Stand

Summer is not complete without a BBQ. If you’re making hamburgers or bean burgers, this BBQ stand will give your summer barbeque a serious advantage. Finish with a windbreak to ensure a constant and even heat in the BBQ.

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