City: Atlantic
Director: Michael Nikas
Genre: Lifestyle

The six Cape Breton Island individuals who are featured in this “Lone” series, live alone but are not lonely. They are happy to go about their daily lives with purpose, feeling accomplished and with a positive attitude. They have a healthy balance with nature, arts, music and appear to be a mystery to all who see them from a distance. Their measure of success is their independence, privacy and freedom.

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Episode 1

Bernie MacDougall is a 78-year-old former social worker who lives alone in Cape Breton. He is one of ten brothers and sisters and enjoys his independence. He also plays hockey and guitar, and loves to explore nature and walk on Inverness Beach.

Episode 2

Discover the inspirational and entertaining story of Jessie Tompkins. She is 96 years old and lives alone and completely off the grid near N.E. Margaree, Cape Breton in the same house where she raised her nine children.

Episode 3

Greg Nearing is very active 78-year-old from Waterford, Cape Breton and in better shape now than he was at 48. He is a former hair dresser with excellent carpentry, plumbing, gardening, forest management skills. Greg built his own house and has been living independently since 2002.

Episode 4

Mary Chisholm is a 71-year-old former high school teacher living in Inverness, Cape Breton. She is opinionated, strong, independent and feisty. Mary believes that each person is responsible for his/her own choices in life and the most important relationship we can have is the one with ourselves.

Episode 5

Ken Lywood is an 87-year-old colourful and talented visual artist, living alone in a large studio/home at West Lake Ainslie, Cape Breton. He prefers the idea of being in “interview as a man you never see”. Ken is unique, a student of classical wisdom, outspoken, a deep thinker, very private and listens to opera.

Episode 6

Dougie MacIsaac is a 63-year-old living alone on his 100 plus acre property on Foot Cape Rd., Inverness, Cape Breton. He is one of 14 siblings, never married, has no dependents and loves his uncomplicated world, privacy and freedom.

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