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Year: 2019
Genre: Sports

Your weekly look at the athletes coaches, administrators and staff that make Atlantic University Sport possible.


Episode 1

2019 Football Preview Show. In this episode, Peter Ruttgaizer and John MacNeill have a pre-season review on each team in the 2019 AUS football conference.

Episode 2

In this episode we visit Sackville, New Brunswick to tell you how the Mount Allison Mounties are shaping up for a brand new football season.

Episode 3

In this episode, we feature the Canadian quarterback internship program and we'll show you highlights from week 2 of the AUS football season.

Episode 4

In this episode we feature Glodin Mulali, the top receiver on the Acadia Axemen's football team and show highlights from week 3 of the AUS football season.

Episode 5

In this episode we feature the offensive lineman of a football team and we'll show you highlights from week 4 of the AUS football season.

Episode 6

In this episode we interview the head coach of Saint Mary's University, James Colzie the 3rd and we'll show you highlights from week 5 of the AUS football season.

Episode 7

In this episode we interview StFX Hall of Fame inductee, Beth McCharles. We also have highlights from week 6 of the AUS football season.

Episode 8

This episode features Bailey Feltmate of the Acadia Axemen Football team, along with highlights from week 7 of the AUS season.

Episode 9

In this episode we feature Kameron Kielly of the UPEI Panthers Hockey team. We also show you highlights from week 8 of the AUS football season.

Episode 10

In this episode, Peter Ruttguizer and John MacNeil preview the Football semi-final matchup between Mount Allison and Bishop's!

Episode 11

In this episode we show you highlights from the semi-final matchup where the Bishop's Gaiters played host to the Mount Allison Mounties and PeterRuttguizer and John MacNeil preview the Football Loney Bowl Matchup between the Bishop's Gaiters and the Acadia Axemen.

Episode 12

In this episode we show you highlights from the Loney Bowl, where the Acadia Axemen played host to the Bishop's Gaiters and we profile the Saint Mary's Huskies Men's Hockey team.

Episode 13

In this episode we show you highlights from AUS Basketball where the Memorial Sea-Hawks played host to Acadia and we tell you about what UPEI is doing to attract the U-Sport men's and women's hockey championships!

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