Hire or Fire

City: London
Producer: Dennis Porter
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Sean McShane

Sean McShane tries his hand working at a stingray farm, a duck and bee rescue, a chicken and sheep farm, and a goat yoga studio and hobby farm.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Alpacas are cute. They don’t bite. They don’t have horns, claws or sharp teeth. How hard can it be to raise them? Sean is about to find out when he tries to become an alpaca farmer.

Episode 2

Working at Canada’s oldest flour mill means that every day on the job is like going back in time. Just not to a simpler time. The mill has been operating continuously for 200 years, but now that Sean is here, will it grind to a halt?

Episode 3

When looking for a new gig, you have to strike while the iron is hot. That’s especially true if you’re trying to land a job as a blacksmith. Can Sean take the heat?

Episode 4

Sure the office is freezing, but you get to use a chainsaw AND a blowtorch. What can possibly go wrong when Sean tries his hand at ice sculpting?

Season 2

Episode 1 - Goat Yoga

Sean works at a hobby farm wrestling hungry goats, corralling clueless ducks and dodging angry peacocks. It culminates with him learning to be a yoga instructor in a class run by a herd of unruly goats.

Episode 2 - Bee and Duck Rescue

Sean works at a bee and duck rescue, where he learns how to speak to ducks in their native tongue, takes an injured duck to rehab, and renovates a beehive – whether the bees want him to or not.

Episode 3 - Chicken and Sheep Farm

Sean works at a chicken and sheep farm, where he works with a moody and broody hen, catches a wily rooster, and milks a confused sheep.

Episode 4 - Stingray Farm

Sean works at a stingray farm, where he trains as a personal stingray chef, gives them a proper housecleaning, and tests his preparedness in a simulated stingray emergency.

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