Health Your Home

City: Halifax
Director: Andrew Tdiby
Starring: Jenna Weeks
Genre: Lifestyle

On Health Your Home, naturopathic Doctor Jenna Weeks visits those who need advice to help better their lifestyle. From people who only eat fast food, to those who unknowingly use almost exclusively toxic materials to make their homes smell a certain way, Jenna uncovers and eliminates the problems or offers alternatives.

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Episode 1

Jenna shows what foods are known to have a lot of pesticides and which tend to have none.

Episode 2

Jenna visits a friend who has hundreds of dollars of feminine products, but learns that almost everything she uses is unsafe.

Episode 3

Working out is important, but Jenna shows the dangers of going too hard too fast.

Episode 4

Kirk is on the move and struggles to find time to make healthy meals. Jenna looks through his cupboards and shows him how to make quick and easy meals which he can make in under 10 minutes.

Episode 5

Sylvain loves his hot tub, but there are many chemicals involved to keep them clean. Jenna gives a few alternative solutions and does a water test to see if his water is safe.

Episode 6

We want the best for our baby, and Jenna uncovers what is or isn’t safe for them.

Episode 7

The vitamin industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but most don’t do what they’re advertised to do. Jenna gets to the bottom of why that is and how the companies get away with it.

Episode 8

Jenna gets into screen time and electromagnetic fields.

Episode 9

Jenna dives into dangerous candles and how to make your own NeoCitran at home.

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