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Four Women

Director: Zainab Muse
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Nickie Shobeiry

Four Women is a show featuring culturally and racially-diverse women empowering their communities. Where Shery runs an arts group for marginalized artists, Jamie helps musicians grow. Where Dawn empowers Indigenous women, Rehab supports refugees from Syria. Each story shows their unstoppable will to create impact through art, food and culture.

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Episode 1 - Shery: The Power of Poetry

Shery Alexander Hainis is a poet, writer, co-founder and artistic director of In Our Tongues, Ottawa’s first reading and art series. It is a space dedicated to BIPOC poets, writers, musicians and other artists. Follow Shery’s journey and the thriving artistic community she has nurtured in Canada’s capital.

Episode 2 - Jamie: Connecting Through Art

For over a decade, Jamie Kwong has worked with businesses, government representatives, community leaders, and more to create positive change in Ottawa. Now she shares what it truly means to live your values as a community leader.

Episode 3 - Dawn: Empowering Indigenous Women

Dawn lestoseranón:nha (she keeps the feathers) Setford, has made it her life’s work to empower Indigenous women through the preservation of ancestral and cultural knowledge. Through her experience, she shows how we can find our greatest purpose when we connect with our roots and spirituality.

Episode 4 - Rehab: Food, Family, and Culture

Rehab Adas is the founder and owner of Syrian Kitchen and a dedicated advocate for her community, supporting Syrians who arrive into Canada as refugees. We take a peek into Rehab’s life: one filled with love, family, and good food.

Episode 5 - Roundtable of Inspiring Women

All four women – Shery, Jamie, Dawn and Rehab – meet one another for the very first time. Through a roundtable discussion, they reflect on their life experiences as culturally and racially diverse female leaders.

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