Fish In The City - Poster

Fish In The City

Director: Mathieu Grégoire
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Paul Keller

Come along with Paul while he goes fishing in the lakes of the Quebec region. At the end of each trip Paul gets to taste the results of his hard work.

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Episode 1

Paul goes fishing at the Chaudière Fall Park with Maxime Kiely, meets with Véronique Brochu of COBARIC and tastes the carnivorous tendency cuisine of chef-owner Hugo Bernier at La Cuisine du Marché.

Episode 2

Paul goes fishing on the Saint-Charles River with Maxime Kiely, meets with Maria Morales of the Saint-Charles River’s Society and tastes the indigenous inspired cuisine of executive chef Carol Paradis at La Traite restaurant.

Episode 3

Paul goes fishing on the Saint-Charles River with Maxime Kiely, meets with Maria Morales of the Saint-Charles River’s Society and tastes the indigenous inspired cuisine of executive chef Carol Paradis at La Traite restaurant.

Episode 4

Paul goes fishing at Chouinard Wharf with Maxime Kiely, meets with Jean-Philippe Lessard of the Coast Guard and tastes the rich cuisine of chef Yannick Verreault at Griendel Microbrewery.

Episode 5

Paul goes fishing right under the iconic Cap-Rouge’s Tracel bridge with , meets with Andréanne Hains of CBRCR and tastes the vegetable inspired cuisine of chef Arnaud-Marchand at LesMaxime Kiely Botanistes restaurant.

Episode 6

Paul goes fishing at Louise Bassin with Maxime Kiely, meets with Marie-Ève Lemieux of the Port of Québec and tastes the delicate cuisine of chef-owner Alexandra Romero at Verre Pick’l restaurant.

Episode 7

Paul goes fishing on the Saint-Lawrence River with Maxime Kiely, meets with Philippe Archambault of Laval University’s Biological Department and tastes the funky cuisine of chef Benoît Lacourse at Le Cendrillon Restaurant.

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