Field Trippin'

City: Ottawa
Genre: Lifestyle
Host: Sienna Mellersh

Sienna and her Dad head out into their community for some fun and educational field trips. They work together to find creative ways to laugh and learn while out on their adventures... but things don't always go as planned. Come along for the ride and enjoy a unique style of outdoor education.

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Season 1

Episode 1

Sienna and her Dad take advantage of a beautiful day by heading to the Rideau River. The two work together to create a new style of fishing tournament, with the goal of "catching fish on camera." After rigging up an underwater camera, they remove the hooks from their lures, and head out to take pictures of fish underwater. It is a lot harder than they think so they check in with Averie, the host of Bell Fibe TV1's "Hooked" to get a little professional advice.

Episode 2

Sienna and her Dad head out on their bikes for a little learning, and a lot of adventure. They start their day by riding past a radar sign that measures their speed. Next, they work together to figure out how to measure their speed without the help of the sign. After some friendly competition in the neighbourhood, and a check in with bicycle tour operator Maria Rasouli, Sienna and her Dad head into downtown Ottawa to take in some of the sites on a tandem bike.

Episode 3

A trip to a local park for a quick workout turns into something a little different. On this field trip, Sienna and her Dad create a series of Olympic styled events using lightweight items they find around the house. Dad hopes to inspire Sienna to take up some of the sports in the future, but due to some high winds, his plan gets thrown off track. After a check in with John Stevenson of Athletics Ontario, Sienna and Dad get back in the game for a successful afternoon of fun and fitness.

Episode 4

Sienna and her Dad head into the local trails for a hike. After a short walk observing their surrounding they come up with a plan for a unique scavenger hunt. Round one is a natural scavenger hunt, as the two face a timed challenge: fastest one to collect all the items on their list wins. Round two is an "unnatural hunt" with the goal of finding and logging a variety of trash they find polluting the area. In the end, Sienna and her Dad join forces to clean up the mess that others have left behind.

Season 2

Episode 1 - The Farm

Sienna and her Dad visit a local farm to learn a little more about looking after crops and animals. They receive a list of chores from a friend at the farm. If they are able to complete all of their chores, they will receive their allowance…a special reward.

Episode 2 - Tech This Out

Sienna’s Dad creates a text based scavenger hunt game for Sienna. She must figure out a series of clues to complete her “Tech Triathlon.” Her journey includes a run, a bike ride, and if Sienna is able to complete her mission she gets a chance to head out on the water.

Episode 3 - Art in the Park

Sienna encourages her Dad as he struggles to bring out his creative side. They work together to create a series of Art related challenges, based on things they find in nature. They produce sculptures and paintings using “all natural” ingredients.

Episode 4 - DIY Obstacle Courses

Sienna and her Dad head outside to create outdoor fitness challenges for each other. First a visit to a local park for some nature based activities, and then they work together to create a DIY obstacle course with household items…and a few extras.

Episode 5 - Ultimate Flying Objects “UFO”

It’s time to take to the skies with a series of flying object challenges. Sienna and her Dad start with simple paper airplanes and slowly work towards her goal of flying a drone.

Episode 6 - Disc Golf

A relaxing day throwing around a flying disc turns into something a little more advanced. Sienna and her Dad create a series of target games that slowly prepare them for a trip to an actual disc golf course. Dad get’s a little over confident while Sienna plays things slow and steady.

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