Culinary Suburbia

Culinary Suburbia - Poster

Culinary Suburbia

Year: 2018
Producer: Suresh Doss
Genre: Food
Host: Suresh Doss

Forget downtown Toronto.  If you want great ethnic food, go where the city’s chefs go: The burbs. 

Head to the ‘burbs for the GTA’s most diverse culinary options and feast on everything from Hakka to fresh cheese.


Episode 1

If you only have time to hit one plaza for amazing Asian food north of the city, there’s only one place to go: First Markham Place.  Guest Starring: Erwin Joaquin 

Episode 2

Head toward the airport for amazing Latin culture and food all under one roof.  Plaza Latina’s food court is the place to go if your craving Latin food of any and every kind.  Starring Hassel Aviles

Episode 3

There’s a reason why Woodbride is sometimes known as Little Italy North.  You’ll find fresh cheese, spicy salami, decadent cannoli, and all the veal sandwiches you can handle Starring: Massimo Bruno

Episode 4

Scarborough has the most diverse population in the GTA and it’s the best place to expand your palate.  From Sri Lankan to Hakka, you won’t be able to leave on an empty stomache.  Starring: Craig Wong

Episode 5

Sometimes, a restaurant is also a nightspot.  Korea Town North at Yonge and Finch features authentic Korean food you won’t find anywhere else in the city.  Be warnted though, things could get messy!  Starring: Matt Blondin & Sean King

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