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Get involved for professional mentorship and skill development

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Responsibilities

As a TV1 volunteer, you will gain valuable experience in the television industry from seasoned professionals. Our experienced team of cameramen, editors and producers are committed to providing you with professional training and assistance. We offer many exciting opportunities, from being involved in the research and development of a concept, to being hands-on in either the production or post-production of a show. In return we ask for your time and commitment to us to help create original and inspiring programs!

Where To Find Us

All of the programs created by TV1 are found on Bell's Fibe TV.

You can find any of the programs listed on channel 1 or on the Fibe TV app. You can also find us on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Volunteer Opportunities

At TV1 we aim to create content that reflects our communities. Our success depends on the support of passionate and inspiring people to help us produce locally relevant programming.

We have several ways for you to participate:

  • Producer
    Propose your ideas; we could help you produce the kind of show you want to watch, about your own community.
  • Host
    Have you ever dreamed of hosting your own show? You can also propose your project and we will assist you in all aspects of production.
  • Preproduction Assistant
    Assist with research, finalizing shoot details, creating call sheets, and more.
  • Production Assistant
    Assist the staff producers with several facets of pre-production and production planning and programming. I.e. equipment set-up, confirming details of shoot, day of shoot support, and more.
  • Camera Assistant
    Support the staff camera operator(s) by assisting with equipment set-up, and acting as the secondary camera operator, occasionally combined with Production Assistant duties.
  • Editing Assistant
    Assist the Staff Editor with creating promos and the final show product to be used on air, as per the Producer’s guidelines, using specialized editing software.
  • Post-production
    Assist with logging footage, creating storyline, and more.
  • Show Coordinator
    This volunteer will be involved with several aspects of one specific show. The volunteer can take on Preproduction, P/A or Cam Op on set, and also assist in Post-production.
  • Photographer
    A volunteer will assist with capturing behind the scenes photos while on shoots which is used to promote the show on social media.
  • Researcher
    Contribute to a project by sharing ideas and helping the production team with the research to prepare for future shoots.
  • Co-op Student/Intern
    Post-secondary education students enrolled in a television and broadcasting program (or similar) are encouraged to apply for a co-op position with our team. Each position is catered to the volunteer, giving them exposure in various areas, and by further helping the individual learn and grow in their specific area of interest.
  • Other
    Do you have a special skill or expertise that you believe will add value to our team and community programming? Don’t be shy to let us know!

In exchange for your dedication and commitment, you will receive training from our dedicated staff. All volunteers will work closely with our inspiring and passionate team. Together we will create engaging content that we can share with our communities.

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