Up Close with Ben Mulroney

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Up Close with Ben Mulroney

Year: 2016
Producer: Morley Nirenberg
Genre: Entertainment

Each show will feature Ben Mulroney in Montreal with a Quebec star (or stars), or feature a story that is unique to the Quebec region. The stars will come from all areas of entertainment, including music, film, television, culinary arts, etc.


Nikki Yanofsky

Ben sits down with singer Nikki Yanofsky at Planet Studios in Montreal. Nikki discusses her upcoming third studio album, being a proud Montrealer, and the song from the 2010 Olympics that made her voice a staple in the hearts and minds of Canada.

Jacob Tierney

Ben sits down with writer, director, and actor Jacob Tierney in Montreal to discuss his career in film and television - from writing and directing the Canadian indie hit The Trotsky (featuring a cameo by Ben himself), to writing and directing the hit comedy show LetterKenny, and writing Xavier Dolan’s new film, “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan.”

Chuck Hughes

Ben sits down with chef Chuck Hughes at his popular Garde Manger restaurant in Montreal. Chuck talks about getting his start in restaurants, becoming a TV star in both English and French, and expanding his brand with a new line of products.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2

Ben sits down with Patrick Huard and Colm Feore on the set of Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 in Montreal. The three chat about the success of the first film, which is one of the highest grossing Canadian films of all time, as well as the upcoming sequel and the state of Quebec film. They will also discuss the difference between the film and television industries in Quebec and English-Canada.

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