True Dating Stories

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True Dating Stories

Year: 2017
Genre: Entertainment

These unbelievable, uproarious and cringe-worthy dating stories will have you rolling on the floor and dying to see what happens next. These are not the manufactured dates you see on most reality shows. These are real dating stories told by real people and vividly brought to life with all the drama, romance and comedy they deserve!


Episode 1

Real people tell their wildest and most embarrassing dating stories. Hannah thinks she meets the most amazing guy - but then things just get weird!

Episode 2

Victoria meets a great guy online, and decides to go on a date with him. He walks into the restaurant with confidence, a smile, and is a complete gentleman, but what is up with that…? How is it possible for this date to keep on getting more bizarre? But as soon as she meets Rebecca, it just becomes more than Victoria can handle.

Episode 3

Tara has been dating Darrin for a while, but you may know him better as Snow. On one of their first dates, they look up in the sky and see a helicopter approaching. The blinding lights catch them by surprise, followed by police cars surrounding them in the vehicle. What is going on?

Episode 4

Part 1 – After moving into a new neighbourhood, Jordan went to a local bar to meet some people. He meets this beautiful girl, and instantly gets her number and a first date. Moving into the suburbs, he thought he left his partying lifestyle behind, but he slowly realizes it’s so much worse than in the city.

Episode 5

Part 2 - After Jordan finally wakes up, he’s completely disorientated. He starts to piece back together what happened last night…wait that can’t be right, can it?

Episode 6

Jesse meets a great looking guy on a dating app, however he prefers to show affection in a very non-conventional way. Could this be too much for Jesse to handle, or is it worth a try?

Episode 7

Ariel moved to Toronto from South Africa, and at a work conference met a girl he instantly clicked with. On their first date, he experienced so many unexpected feelings and emotions, and learned a very important dating lesson.

Episode 8

Amy is very bored at work, and gets the attention of an older attractive guy. Their first meeting starts off interesting, then just gets a bit weird, and then turns scary. How did Amy manage to get out of this situation?

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