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Things Over Drinks

Things Over Drinks

Year: 2017

Genre: Non-Fiction

Director: Ikenna Amaechi

Program Description:

Things Over Drinks is a fly-on-the-wall show taking an intimate peek into the casual and entertainingly topical conversations women have when men aren't around. Each episode gives the viewer an over-the-shoulder vantage point of friends meeting for "drinks" and catching up on "things". Generally speaking, there are no contextual boundaries, no single host. Instead, episodes introduce groups of women from different cultural perspectives, walks of life, and varying opinions.


Judge, Jury and Instagram
When you first meet a person, do you feel more comfortable giving them your social media account than your phone number? Do you feel misjudged when people look at your Instagram? Does it affect your personal relationships? Grab a drink, and sit down next to the models Neo, Nazia Rahman, and Karyn Inder as they talk about this and more.

The Myth of Monogomy
Are men and women really inclined to be monogamous? Or is it a discipline that people have been forced to practice when in a relationship. Have you been affected by a partner that wanted a committed relationship, but then was no longer monogamous? Karyn Inder, Nazia Rahman, and Stephanie Johnson-Lee sit down to talk about this and why people cheat, and is it acceptable.

A City in Colour
Having visited a Seattle mall recently, after a few stares Stephanie quickly realized she was the only non-Caucasian person there . Having never felt this way in Toronto, it's something that Stephanie, Karyn, and Neo often take for granted in the multicultural city of Toronto. How would your family react if you brought home a person of a different culture? Neo talks about her mixed race background, and how she felt growing up.

Born Into It
Are the next generation of kids more exposed to taboo topics than we were as children? Has the internet and technology led to their desensitization of these topics? Nazia, Stephanie, and Karyn discuss the pros and cons technology has had on our lives and that of our families, and the long-term affects.

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Where to find these programs?
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