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The Underdog

The Underdog

Year: 2015

Host: Vincent Valentino

Director: Vincent Vincent

Producers: Vincent Valentino and Mark Parks

Program Description:

Tired of talk shows filled with smiling over-achievers? Vincent Valentino uses his odd-ball sense of humour and impulse for honesty to interview some of the city’s most colourful characters. From small town business owners to small time crooks, Vincent’s approach is as unconventional as his guests. Many of these people are overcoming great odds to achieve modest success. Others are still looking for a way up… or a way out.


Episode 1: The Ottawa Film Scene
Working in the film industry is hard. Doing it in Ottawa is almost impossible. Vincent gets real with people who have been laughed out of their own screenings, lost friends along the way, and finds out why they continue to chase the dream when the odds are stacked so high against them.

Episode 2: Who Gets a Job in this City?
You need to be a lot more bilingual to get a good job in Ottawa. Vincent talks to various people struggling to make ends meet, from a poetry slamming new Canadian to a sales associate with a disability.

Episode 3: Trans in Ottawa
What’s the hardest part of transitioning from a man to a woman? What does it feel like to be born a girl but always know you’re a boy? Vincent talks bluntly to three different transgender people in Ottawa to find out what it’s really like to be trans in our city.

Episode 4: Homeless in our Home Town
You see their faces every day – now learn their story. Vincent talks to the people who call the streets of Centretown home to learn more about what it means to be homeless in the nation’s capital.

Episode 5: Tourette Syndrome and the City
We all have urges that are hard to resist, but for some people it borderlines a disorder. Vincent meets different people who, like him, are constantly trying to repress their tics to fit in.

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Where to find these programs?
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