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The Spit

The Spit

Year: 2016

Genre: People and Places

Producer/Director: Karen Hawes, Joey Gill

Program Description:

Visit the most significant natural area in the city of Toronto, stretching over 5 km long with wildlife and beautiful scenery. This accidental wilderness is affectionately known as The Spit.


Episode 1
Join Karen and be on the lookout for Snowy Owls at Tommy Thompson Park. What draws them to this park, and how do they survive?

Episode 2
Migrating ducks from the Arctic depend on the open unfrozen water at Tommy Thompson Park to be able to survive the winter. Take a closer look at the various ducks, and how they forage for their food.

Episode 3
After a long winter, see The Spit come to life with migrating birds. Get up close and personal with various birds, and understand how they are monitored during the migration process at Tommy Thompson Park.

Episode 4
It’s not as hard as you think to catch and return a fish using electrofishing. Electrofishing is a non-evasive way to understand our fishes, and begin to learn how we can improve their communities.

Episode 5
The Double Crested Cormorant birds have grown in population over the years at The Spit, making it home to one of the biggest colonies of this species in the world. What makes these birds so unique?

Episode 6
Did you know The Spit is made up of the ruins of Toronto? Demolished buildings and even whole neighbourhoods were dumped into The Spit. But it is not considered a dumping ground – this “dump” protects the harbour.

Episode 7
See the pilot Raptor banding program at Tommy Thompson Park by getting inside the tent and watch as birds, even a hawk, swoop overheard and are temporarily and safely captured for study, and then released.

Episode 8
Mostly known as a great spot to look at birds, you can also find many mammals at Tommy Thompson Park. Often hidden, how can we use nature to track and observe them in their natural habitat?

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