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The Reverse Angle

The Reverse Angle

Year: 2015

Hosts: Katherine Cleland

Director: Frédéric Cusson

Producers: Katherine Cleland and Frédéric Cusson

Program Description:

Some of the most internationally acclaimed and sought-out film directors’ hail from the province of Quebec and Montreal. The Reverse Angle is a television show made up of several videos that profiles Montreal’s budding and next-generation student filmmakers. It shares their filmmaking roots, journeys and inspirations, along with the experiences behind their work, in a conversational and intimate way. The Reverse Angle is made to showcase Montreal’s local film talent, as well as inspire and inform likeminded student filmmakers who are looking to relate to their peers and make their break into the student filmmaking scene.


Episode 1: Elle
In Episode 1, we sit down with Cedric Yarish, Director & Co-Editor, and Ian McNeice, Co-Editor, of the short film 'Elle', 2015 Winner of the 72-hour Filmmaking Competition of McGill University's Student Television, namely TV McGill's yearly Fokus Film Festival.

Episode 2: The Language & Flies
In Episode 2, we have a one-on-one with JG Debray, Director of both 'The Language', that was awarded the 2015 Best Experimental Film at Montreal's TV McGill's Fokus Film Festival, and 'The Flies', that won both the 2015 Best of Fiction and the 2015 People's Choice Award.

Episode 3: Nick Yeretsian
In Episode 3, we get acquainted with Nick Yeretsian, Director of the short film 'Untitled', made in the context of the 2015 72-hour Filmmaking Competition of Montreal's McGill University's student film festival, Fokus Film Festival.

Episode 4: Sashka Avanyan
In Episode 4, we talk shop with Sashka Avanyan, student filmmaker who directed and edited the short film 'Questions of Femininity', showcased in the 2015 Documentary category of McGill University's student film festival, Fokus Film Festival.

Episode 5: Stix
In Episode 5, we get to meet the team behind 'Stix', nominated in the 2015 Best Fiction category of McGill University's Fokus Film Festival, Eric Tawagi, Director, Editor and Co-Writer, and Anurag "Anni" Choudhury, Principal Actor.

Episode 6: La femme finale
In Episode 6, we get to know Liana Cusmano, McGill student and screenwriter of the short film 'La Femme Fatale', filmed in France and made in the context of a film program in affiliation with the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

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