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Year: 2015

Genre: Lifestyle

Director: Sean Liliani, Sarah Martin

Program Description:

Spur provides opportunities for people to debate topics or issues that may be provocative, informative, infuriating or just plain fun. Explore what could potentially make Toronto a better city.


Episode 1
Meet Cheryl who is worried about the expensive Toronto housing market. She considers turning her laneway garage into her new home, however what challenges will she face by creating a new home in an existing small space?

Episode 2
Join Brigette Shim, a renowned architect as she speaks about the future of Toronto’s residential laneways. Followed by an open dialogue with author Shawn Micallef and editor Leigh Gallegher of Fortune Magazine.

Episode 3
Is there ethics in war photography, and bringing photos back from the field? View the photos, and listen to the debate amongst photo editor James Wellford, and war photographer Michael Kamber and Rita Leistner.

Episode 4
Aspiring to be a photojournalist, Rita travelled to Cambodia to be where the news was. The smart phone revolution changed the way she photographed, but is it really worth risking your life to capture war photos on a phone?

Episode 5
Landscape architect Robert Cram exhibited his sculptural work, To Ash, which uses the remains of a dead ash tree. Robert’s practice focuses on landscape architecture as an extension of art, and vice versa.

Episode 6
Nick Hutcheson asks climate scientist Tim Flannery what he thinks the world will look like in 7 years when it comes to the environment. Later join Tim, Paul Kennedy, and Barrie Smit for an in-depth discussion.

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these programs?

TV1 can be found on channel 1 or on the Fibe TV app. Find out more about our shows through our blog, social media and our Youtube channel.

Where to find these programs?
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