The Social: Lunch Dates

The Social: Lunch Dates - Poster

The Social: Lunch Dates

Year: 2016
Producer: Caleigh Rykiss
Genre: Entertainment

Each of the Lunch Dates episodes is hosted by one of The Social who brings the other co-hosts to a Toronto restaurant of their choice. The featured “host” of each Lunch Date does everything from pick the location, to choose the menu and of course provide all of the topics that are discussed over lunch. From Lainey’s episode at R&D featuring Chinese/Canadian cuisine where they talk about Hollywood gossip to Cynthia’s relationship focused episode that takes place at a Burlesque dinner theatre, each host brings their various interests, backgrounds and experiences to offer five totally unique Lunch Date shows.


Episode 1: Candyland, Toronto

Cynthia Loyst takes her Social co-hosts to burlesque dinner theatre “Candyland” where the women experience a variety of performances while they have lunch.

Episode 2: R&D, Toronto

Lainey Lui takes her Social co-hosts to trendy Toronto restaurant R&D where the women feast on delicious Chinese food and talk about Hollywood gossip.

Episode 3: Patria, Toronto

Melissa Grelo takes her Social co-hosts to indulge in Spanish food at Toronto restaurant Patria where they talk politics, social media and the Royals.

Episode 4: Electric Mudd, Toronto

Jess Allen takes The Social hosts for some authentic barbeque at Electric Mudd in Toronto. Over lunch they drink beer and eat lots of BBQ while they chat about feminism and the evolution of their careers.

Episode 5: La Société, Toronto

Fashion expert Erica Wark joins The Social hosts for a lunch at French bistro, La Société. The ladies talk fashion and long distance relationships over champagne and a lot of seafood.

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