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Snakes and Lattes: The Show

Snakes and Lattes: The Show

Year: 2015

Genre: Entertainment

Director: Drew Dafoe

Program Description:

Max is happy to run his board game cafe the way he sees fit, even if it is into the ground. That is until James Kasey reappears from his past to seek Max's help on publishing their childhood board game brainchild. Could this be what it takes to make Max’s company a huge success?


Episode 1
Max Packett has created one of the first-ever board game cafes. Gruff yet loveable, Max is happy to run his small business the way he sees fit, even if it into the ground. That is until James, an estranged friend who re-appears from Max’s past to seek his help on publishing their board game brainchild from ten years ago. James, alongside a myriad of board game enthusiast-misfits, could rocket Max's company to success or make it all go downhill.

Episode 2
Max has one focus, his full-geek-game-designer-board-game-fanatic convention, Board-Emonium. He needs this to be the success that will turn his luck around. James, continuing his habit of showing up out of nowhere, finds another old “friend” of Max’s planning to reveal his new hit game. Things could take a turn for the worse!

Episode 3
Concerned over Max’s deal with Owen, James makes sure he is there for the big release of “Bad Apples”. Will anyone be impressed with the game? Tension boils over with James and Owen as an epic “Geek Off” ensues.

Episode 4
James gets Max an interview with a “geek centric web channel.” Stanley and Eloise commiserate on their failed careers that led them to working at Snakes, while Casey kidnaps James to help her pack up Max’s basement.

Episode 5
The staff is horrified to find out that the warehouse has been robbed. When Max’s stubbornness to let anyone have control results in someone quitting, he relents to letting James help. That’s always a good idea, right?

Episode 6
With Max being very distraught, James tries to band everyone together to make it a successful night for Snakes & Lattes. Will he do it? You know what they say, “One bad apple, can spoil the whole bunch.”

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