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Roaming Focus

Roaming Focus

Year: 2013

Genre: Series

Starring: Mike Palmer

Program Description:

Get ready to open your eyes as Mike Palmer and the Roaming Focus crew reveal Toronto through the lens of a photographer. This engaging documentary series tracks Mike on his quest for the perfect shot, whether on bike, subway, or even helicopter. There’s no limit to how far they will go, and they always find time to make new friends along the way. With style to burn, Roaming Focus promises you’ll be inspired and never look at our city the same way again.


Episode 1
Giving himself one day, Mike is determined the capture the beauty of where he was raised from behind the lens of his camera, no matter how potentially dangerous it could be, with the goal of obtaining the perfect shot.

Episode 2
In Meaford, Ontario, Mike is following a local band capturing every moment and all of the emotions behind their music.

Episode 3
Realizing that photography may be the key to preserve Toronto’s greatest artistic pieces, Mike shows you the beauty of a graffiti wall, and gives you tips of how to capture stunning images from behind your lens.

Episode 4
Mike heads to an abandoned prison to photograph the beauty of this secluded and sometimes unnerving building, providing you with tips on how to take great pictures with different types of lighting.

Episode 5
Don’t fight the stereotype, become a dogsledder at Algonquin Park alongside Mike Palmer as he captures photographs of our beautiful winter, and gives tips on how you can achieve the same results with your own camera.

Episode 6
John is on a mission to take one portrait of a person every day of people who inspire him, #ShootingHumans. Follow him on his journey, although full of many challenges, it reminds him again of why he loves photography.

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Where to find
these programs?

TV1 can be found on channel 1 or on the Fibe TV app. Find out more about our shows through our blog, social media and our Youtube channel.

Where to find these programs?
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