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Open Heart Burglary

Open Heart Burglary

Year: 2016

Genre: Entertainment, 4K

Director: Stephen Papadimitriou

Program Description:

Kahlil, Yousef, and Ruby are doing everything they can do raise money for their dad’s surgery. Will Kahlil pull through, or will he just make things worse as always.


Episode 1
Kahlil and Yousef are trying to raise money so their dad can pay for a surgery to get a new heart. But the thing about working with criminals, even though with the best intentions, someone always gets screwed.

Episode 2
Kahlil comes up with a plan get the money the criminals want, and at the same time get his dad the money he needs for the surgery. But can they pull it off? Or will they take things too far?

Episode 3
So gross! Just when you think things can’t get worse, they do.

Episode 4
Gareth returns hoping to win Ruby over. But when Ruby is backed into a corner, can she maintain her calm demeanor?

Episode 5
What really happened to the mysterious girl? Kahlil has a big decision to make – will he put his family first, or continue with his selfish ways?

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Where to find these programs?
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