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In Real Life

In Real Life

Year: 2016

Genre: Entertainment

Director: Bobby Del Rio

Program Description:

IRL (In Real Life) is a series about the intersection of social media with contemporary life.


Episode 1: Perfect Lovers
A young teen girl is bullied online, and escapes from the pain inside her own mind.

Episode 2: Surrogates
A lesbian couple is the object of jealousy in the social media world.

Episode 3: Catfish Kids
A young gamer couple catfish each other online.

Episode 4: Two Ships
What happens when 2 internet stalkers stalk each other?

Episode 5: Sharing
A polygamous couple find a new playmate online. But what are the consequences?

Episode 6: Blue Light Horror
A woman stays up for a week on her electronic devices. Then she falls into the recesses of her own mind…

Episode 7: The Game is a Foot
Film noir style episode about a woman who manipulates the system for personal gain.

Episode 8: The Delivery Whore
An agoraphobic Internet celebrity has issues live streaming a dinner date.

Episode 9: Stardom
A fan gets too close to her idol.

Episode 10: LDR
A long distance relationship between planets gets dramatic.

Episode 11: You Are My Sunshine
How much online bullying can one teen girl take?

Episode 12: A Better World
A blackout brings together a community.

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these programs?

TV1 can be found on channel 1 or on the Fibe TV app. Find out more about our shows through our blog, social media and our Youtube channel.

Where to find these programs?
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