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Emergency Monologues

Emergency Monologues

Year: 2016

Genre: Entertainment

Program Description:

The life of a paramedic can be exciting and even scary, but for Morgan, he takes every moment to make those awkward moments hilarious.


Part 1: Pain Tolerance
Ever wonder what it is like to be a paramedic? Find out from actor and paramedic Morgan as he spins his story wheel, and brings you all of his funny, crazy, and sometimes heartbreaking stories.

Part 2: Dislocated Shoulder
The life of a paramedic does change you. Pranks and jokes however help to keep things light amongst paramedics, even when they do go a bit too far.

Part 3: Helloooo
Working the night of the big propane gas explosion had many paramedics fearful, yet Morgan found a way to embarrass himself again. And can you imagine what happens when there is a morphine recall?

Part 4: Medicine Ball
Morgan’s home is his solace, free of work thoughts. Plus a conundrum many paramedics face at least once in their career, losing the stretcher! And an unusual patient with a very large body part.

Part 5: Now I Can Retire
Not many paramedics work until retirement, but some situations make you want to get there a lot faster. What did Morgan do when a cab called for help for a drunk unconscious person?

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Where to find these programs?
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