DupliKitchen - Poster


Year: 2016
Producer: Graham Kent, Facundo Campos
Genre: Food

Nick and Dan taste amazing food at local Toronto restaurants, and then go head to head in the kitchen to see who can make the tastiest replication. May the best chef win!


Episode 1: Honest Weight

Nick and Dan try a delicious Okonomiyaki, but after fishing for the right ingredients, only one of their dishes will prevail while the other’s will flounder.

Episode 2: DaiLo

Nick and Dan get lost in a mouth-tastic fried watermelon that’s part crunchy, juicy, warm, and cool, but come to their senses in a battle over whose batter is better.

Episode 3: La Créole

Nick and Dan savour a steak with Haitian heat, then head to their own kitchen island paradise where one will be left stranded.

Episode 4: Mata Bar

Nick and Dan feast on feijoada, then get to the meat of the matter where only one of their bowls will be worth a Brazilian bucks.

Episode 5: Tich

Nick and Dan try to keep their cool when faced with a spicy Indian dish, but after one wins the feisty finale, can they let baigans be baigans?

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