Destiny World Wrestling

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Destiny World Wrestling

Year: 2016
Genre: Sports

Destiny World Wrestling brings you the best wrestling clashes in Toronto. Tune in to watch your favourite local wrestling heroes go head to head in the ring with a few surprises along the way.


Season 3

Episode 1

Randy Reign is in the ring for an open challenge – who will dare to take him on? Could it be a former WWE superstar? Brett Banks goes up against newcomer Travis “Flip” Gordon, former US military. You either love him or hate him, RJ City is back antagonizing the audience and Moose.

Episode 2

Stacy T makes her debut taking on the Bubblegum Princess Alexia Nicole in the women’s match. But it seems like Stacy T does not like to play by the rules – will Alexia put her in her place? In the tag team match Johnny Playboy teams up with RJ City to take on Stone Rockwell and Mike Dorosti. Who will come out on top?

Episode 3

In a fatal 4 way, the first wrestler to grab a Cash It In Contract from way above the ring will get a World Title Match anytime, anyplace, anywhere they want! Who will reign supreme, will it be Tariq, Phil Atlas, Dustin Quicksilver, or Tyson Dux? What happens when two big goliaths clash in the ring? Find out when Moose goes face to face with Ryback.

Episode 4

Destiny World Champion and fan favourite Psycho Mike will put his belt on the line against Kongo Kong. With a secret special guest referee, will this really be a fair match? With the odds stacked against Pyscho Mike, will he be able to hold onto his title?

Season 2

Episode 1

Can Stone Rockwell take Johnny Playboy’s ego down a few notches? From Japan, the Black Bushido makes his debut against Gabriel Fuerza from Mexico. What are RJ City and The Brooklyn Brawler doing in the ring?

Episode 2

Wrestling duo The Aussies want to take down TDT. In a fatal four way can Money Brent Banks continue his winning streak when he’s pinned against Phil Atlas, Dustin Quicksilver, and The Hacker Scottie O’Shae?

Episode 3

Tarik goes toe to toe against the one, the only, The Brooklyn Brawler. Can The Brooklyn Brawler live up to his reputation? After a backstage encounter last season, Randy Reign is ready to take on Big Time Bill Collier.

Episode 4

For the main event Colt Cabana has returned to take on the Destiny World Wrestling Champion RJ City. Will RJ City be able to live up to his title, or will Colt take him down?

Episode 5

Making their Destiny Wrestling debuts, who will win when Mike Dorosti takes on Karou. Ray Steele is ready to put an end to fan favourite adventurer Stone Rockwell – but does Ray realize who he is up against? R.J. City returns with a special announcement.

Episode 6

Will White is back, and is eager to prove to everyone that he can take on the genetic jackpot Joe Coleman. Cat Power is ready to rip apart Heidi Katrina in a title match. Brian Cage is up against former pro football player Moose – who will come out victorious, and who will be broken?

Episode 7

Johnny Playboy is confident that he will take down Randy Reign again for a fourth time. But Randy Reign is ready for revenge! Team D’Amore is taking on Team Carelli in a 3 on 3 elimination match – who will be left standing?

Episode 8

Aron Rex, the current Destiny Wrestling World Champion, is back – but will his attitude get in the way of winning the audience’s love and respect? Psycho Mike and R.J. City start the match a bit early, but where is Aron Rex for the triple threat match? Can Aron and his ego be dethroned?

Season 1

Episode 1

Destiny World Wrestling brings you the best clashes in Toronto. In this episode watch tag team TBT challenge The Fraternity, Lio Rush vs. Scotty O'Shae, with a special guest appearance by the one and only WWE Alumni and former world champion, Mick Foley.

Episode 2

Destiny World Wrestling brings you the best clashes in Toronto. Watch as All Ego Ethan takes on Moose, and Jennifer Blake goes head to head with Deonna Burazzo. Who do you think will win?

Episode 3

George Iceman and Mysterion host the over the top 15 man rumble. 2 wrestlers will start and every 60 seconds another wrestler will be added into the ring until only one remains – but it’s never as simple as it sounds.

Episode 4

Tune in for the main event, Randy Reign vs. Kongo Kong. With special guest referee WWE Hall of Famer, the legendary Mick Foley. Will Randy Reign rise to the occasion, or will Kongo Kong destroy him again?

Episode 5

Will the Jersey Boyz continue to be booed, or will they finally earn respect when they take on newcomer Latino Connection? Tarik, former Middle East champion is up against Phil Atlas. Does Phil even have a chance?

Episode 6

Rudeboy Riley angers the audience before he goes against Moose. Is Rudeboy all talk, or will he defeat fan fave Moose? RJ City returns to the ring. Can Kurt Angle bring RJ City’s ego down a notch?

Episode 7

Tag team Alexia Nicole and Xandra Bale take on Jennifer Blake and newcomer Rose Mary. Can the newbie prove she deserves to be in the ring? Next up it’s Joe Coleman vs. Playboy John Atlas. Who will come out on top?

Episode 8

What did Mysterion do to make the crowd so upset? In a 4 man elimination with Tyler Tirva, Stone Rockwell, R.J. City, and Randy Reign, refereed by Kurt Angle, who will become the new Destiny World Champion?

Episode 9

Can Phil Atlas win against Aaron Daven? Beautiful Beaa takes on returning fave Jennifer Blake. RJ City appears with an injured Scott D’Amore. Can he still fight against the legendary Jeff Jarrett and Randy Reign?

Episode 10

Tarik thinks he’s better in every way than Money Brent Banks – but can Banks prove him wrong? Jennifer Blake returns introducing Jim Nye The Science Guy, offering him up to anyone who wants a challenge. Who will step up?

Episode 11

Moose is ready to bring the pain and get revenge against Rude Boy Riley in an anything goes, extreme rules match. Special appearance by Santino Marella, former WWE wrestler, as guest referee.

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