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Dance for Life

Dance for Life

Year: 2016

Genre: Lifestyle

Director: Ella Cooper

Program Description:

Meet five strong individuals who see and use dance not only as an art form, but as a way to live after immigrating to the country, a way to connect with others around them, and as a way to express their inner desires in a safe environment.


Episode 1
His father’s dream was from him to become a pro soccer player, but Pulga fell in love with dance. Growing up poor in Africa, he struggled with trying to dance while having a low-income job and supporting his family.

Episode 2
Feeling like he was not born with the gift of dance, Ofilio struggled to learn dance. But he was determined. Forming a dance company with Apolonia, they produce shows to help make people see urban dance as an art form.

Episode 3
His dad told him not to tell anyone he was dancing – so his family has never seen him dance. Sze-Yang’s dance is strongly influenced by his martial arts background, evoking both masculine and feminine traits.

Episode 4
Aria often felt out of place growing up in a home where she did not look like her own parents. She turned to dance in hopes to find her own identity, a voice, and peace within.

Episode 5
Seeing the emotional scars war left on her mom, and being in an abusive relationship at a young age, Yvonne used dance as a way to cope. Today she uses dance to tell her story.

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