Convenience Stories

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Convenience Stories

Year: 2016
Genre: Lifestyle

The convenience store acts as a microcosm for each unique neighbourhood in which it resides. Through the stories we share, we celebrate the convenience store as a barometer of our neighbourhoods. These environments offer rich interactions that strengthen our communities by being key components of complete and walkable streets. They are often independent, diverse and organic spaces which not only reflect our neighbourhoods, but support a thriving social community.


Episode 1

In 1966, Dom and Rosa Cozzi opened a tiny convenience store below their upstairs apartment in St. Clair West, Toronto. 50 years later, Dom still makes his famous sandwiches, and the community still loves them.

Episode 2

In a marginalized Toronto community, new owners Dessale and Rita are adapting their shelves to suit the diversity of their community, while highlighting the healthier food options that they are making available.

Episode 3

A friendly space celebrating local bakers, makers and artisans in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods community, where neighbours can grab their daily milk and bread, as well as a fresh coffee and a seat on the sunny patio.

Episode 4

Owners Zahra and Mariko revive an old neighbourhood convenience store by mixing old world community connections with new products, friendships and regular community events.

Episode 5

In the heart of the Annex, Steven’s might be the friendliest convenience store in Toronto. Fresh flowers, warm smiles and happy neighbours ensure there’s no better place to be on a celebratory day like Mother’s Day.

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