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Year: 2015

Director: Kat Sandler

Program Description:

Cockfight tells the story of the Chiavetti brothers: three hard-luck foster kids who have grown up to be adult rabble-rousers. Charlie has a broken heart, August has a crush at work, and Mike has a scheme: he's bought a fighting rooster and is convinced he and his brothers can have the good life if he can train it to fight the same way he trained his brothers. But things get complicated…there are schemes, betrayals, secrets and lies, before the brothers land at a cataclysmic conclusion that will test their family, their resolve and each other more than they ever thought possible.


Chapter 1
Meet adopted brothers who are scraping by sharing a rundown apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. Will they buy into the eldest brother’s latest “investment” scheme?

Chapter 2
Will all brothers agree to the cockfight scheme? Or will something else get in their way, perhaps a girl?

Chapter 3
Building a cage, the brothers are more confused than ever about how to train the rooster to make it fight ready. In true Chiavetti style, they practice their rooster fighting techniques on each other.

Chapter 4
Ingrid the girl comes over in hopes to meet Ingrid the rooster. August’s flirting skills need a bit of help, but what happens when the brothers show up and interrupt them?

Chapter 5
Scar-Man Devil-Man arrives with the rooster, but the only person around is Ingrid. Will Mike show up on time with the collateral before Scar-Man Devil-Man causes complete chaos?

Chapter 6
Auggie confronts his brothers about stealing Ingrid away from him. As all of their secrets and lies come out, can the brothers forgive each other, or will they battle to the end?

Setting the stage
Get to know the writer and cast as they share their insights, challenges, and inspirations. Could Scarman Devilman be real? Did they get hurt in those epic fight scenes? What does that key open?

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