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Guest blogger | Toronto Song Project: Russell “Russella” David

I was somewhat apprehensive about appearing on the Toronto Song Project, I'd appeared on Television in the UK and it tended to encourage a sensationalist story. It was always a gamble as to how you'd be edited and therefore how you came across to the public.

It was pretty clear from the outset however that Steve was invested in encouraging an honest depiction of me. Being a drag-queen the struggle I had to overcome was showing my true face.

For various reasons I've often repressed aspects of my personality and regularly avoid telling people what I do for a living. It was for these reasons that performing on the Toronto Song Project was a somewhat of a new experience for me as I was required to remove my 'mask'.

It was perfect timing for the show to be filmed as it was during World Pride, I was performing on my employer’s float, which was a Latin nightclub. Being from the UK, on a Latin float in Canada perfectly summed up the meaning of World Pride, a mix of cultures under the banner of the LGBT community.

I’m currently back in the UK but hope to return to Toronto within the year as I love the city.

On Twitter: @SongPRJ

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