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Guest blogger | Toronto Song Project: Martha Williams

When I first talked to Steve and Marie I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous. I didn’t want to look bad, or make my Church look bad. But I loved having the opportunity to share my story, and what Jesus has done for me.

It wasn’t until the interview that I realized in my heart that this was real and that my testimony would be heard. I felt comfortable with it. But the real test would be the song. And when Steve came to my house to play Pure as Gold for the first time, it was not a slam dunk. Not even close. He played it on the guitar, and it sounded like country! I told him I couldn’t sing like that. Steve came over a couple of times and I just wasn’t getting the song the way he sang it. He wanted the song to sound just like he wrote it. I told him “It ain’t gonna be like that!” He needed to let it go. Finally he brought Karen on board. Karen Burke is the director at Toronto Mass Choir, where I sing. Karen knows my voice, and she definitely knows Gospel music. I started to feel good about where the song was going. But still I struggled with it. I practiced but it still didn’t come out right. When the day came to record Pure as Gold, I prayed to God and asked Him to take it. I said to God, “Make it your song.” When I stood before the mic, I opened my mouth and God took over. It was such a wonderful experience. The people, the music… everything just came together.

Since then, many people told me they were moved and inspired by my story and my song. I received Facebook messages from as far away as Poland. I couldn’t be happier.

In the end, Steve stayed true to what he said he would do. We laugh now at what a struggle it was to get the song right. But we’re both so happy with how it came out. He says I taught him a lot.

I love singing. Because it’s about Jesus, it’s about my life, and what He has done for me. When I perform, I can see people being set free from their problems. Sometimes all it takes is a word. I hope my story and my song inspire people. Anyone can be set free through God.

On Twitter: @SongPRJ

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