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Guest blogger | Toronto Song Project: Maddie Cristiano

Being part of the Toronto Song Project was a great experience from beginning to end. At a time when I was really trying to put closure to a painful childhood experience along came Steve and his team with this opportunity for me to tell my story and to sing again. I missed singing and wanted to start again. From my initial interview with Steve it felt so right. Steve is so personable and open and he gave me a feeling of safety and brought enthusiasm and fun to the whole experience. As we moved forward and worked together as a team I felt so comfortable and connected to everyone.

When I heard my song I was really pleased because it was as if he took what was inside me and helped it all make sense – the pain, confusion, grief and growth. The word that comes to mind is feeling empowered and that feeling has continued. When the show came together, further validation came and continues. I have had such positive response from people – encouragement, excitement, connection and gratitude and for some it also validated their own painful experiences.

Since we did the Toronto Song Project, I have not had much time for singing because I have taken a big leap and started my own dream business – training people in my own gym - Cristiano Health + Fitness. I use my own life experience to empower others. That’s the gift that came to me from facing my own fears and the Toronto Song Project has been an important part of my journey to becoming my best self!

On Twitter: @SongPRJ

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