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Guest Blogger | Tiny Toronto Director: Facundo Rodrigo Campos

“That’s a silly idea!” I heard “I don’t think they’d go for that!”

Well, they had. And somehow, I had to make a show on the tiniest mom & pop shops in Toronto work. If there was a comfort zone, I had long since left it. But then again, nothing good was residing there anyhow.

In many ways, my experience during filming Tiny Toronto mirrored that of the shop owners; working in tiny, often cramped locations, I had to adopt their mindset and get creative with what I did. It reminded me of the old saying that goes “You have plans for life, but life has plans for you”.

I thought to myself before reaching one of the locations, Rashers “This is going to be easy, get some shots of this and that, nail the interview, go home and start editing. Slam-dunk”.

I don’t need to tell you I was dead wrong. What should’ve been a busy day simply fizzled. There was next to no lunch crowd. I sat in the back of the shop, depressed and feeling sorry for myself, wondering how I had failed. But for some reason I decided to shake it off and just check again. I checked the front of the shop, and a man had just ordered the biggest sandwich they had ever made.

“We need to talk” I said.

I explained what we were doing and he gladly agreed to be on camera and gave me the best blurb I have ever recorded.

“Bacon is life” He claimed confidently “If you don’t eat bacon, you’re not living life”

He then agreed to have a few shots of him taken while eating the sandwich.

“Don’t worry” I consoled “We’re shooting in slow-mo, those are gonna be some heroic ass looking bites”

He grinned and chomped down on his colossal creation.

Had I continued to feel sorry for myself, I would’ve missed out on the best shot of the episode. Had the owners of the shop felt sorry for themselves when listening to others who said it couldn’t be done, they would’ve never opened shop.

Don’t be scared. Be flexible and open to change. Go out there and do whatever hair-brained scheme you’ve got. It may turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever shot.

Thanks to TV1 for supporting this project.

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