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Guest blogger | Pique Toronto Artist: HeartBeats T.O.

HeartBeats T.O. is a clothing line designed by two sisters who were born and raised in Toronto. It started as a hobby in 2010 and quickly expanded as a business, which is now selling online and at the CN Tower Gift Shop.

The design was meant to be symbolic, and what Samia and Madiha realized was it affects each person in their own way. At local city events like the Manifesto Festival, Ribfest, The Distillery District and the Harbourfront - the girls would set up shop and hear very supportive feedback from the public.

HeartBeats T.O. is a heartbeat essentially, with the silhouette of the CN Tower engrained in the design. Many musicians, those in the medical field, and those who love to work out in the city connect with the design all to the beat of Toronto. HBTO even noticed, people with English as a second language, old and young, would look at the design and smile, connecting - as it hits no language barriers. This is when HeartBeats T.O. realized they had designed something special.

PIQUE and HBTO hit it off right away. What really stood about Imad was his collaborative approach of having such a passion about the city but also willing to listen to ideas while executing his vision. HeartBeats T.O. felt that his idea of featuring Toronto talent in mini pieces, almost like a mosaic, would definitely pique the interest of this generation and people across the world. What HBTO learned about PIQUE was the similarities they both had for expressing themselves in art form as a hobby but also a way of showcasing their love for the city. That vision seemed to transcend with all the artists that worked with PIQUE.

HeartBeats T.O. is more than a business or a clothing line, it's a way of giving back to the city they love. The girls hope to connect with charities and agencies that support Toronto. Last year they raised funds for Women's Cancers where 10% of HBTO proceeds went towards the cause supported by Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Another HeartBeat on the rise, is their latest design - HeartBeats Canada which they released Canada Day in 2014. The sky is the limit for HeartBeats T.O. They hope to continue to spread the love of their city and country around the world. My HeartBeats T.O. ... Does Yours?

On Twitter: @HeartBeatsTO

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