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Guest blogger | Pique Toronto Artist: Christina G. Cheng

When I was first contacted by Imad Elsheikh to be 1 out of 100 candidates to share my story for PIQUE Toronto, I was honoured, humbled and ecstatic. As a freelance journalist, blogger, stylist and creative contributor to various lifestyle brands and media outlets, it’s hard to express exactly what I do as a multifaceted individual. Thankfully for PIQUE, it gave me an outlet to share my story and find a sense of belonging as a young Toronto creative who lives to make magic and tell stories with others. Everything I do is intertwined and shared with the public in various outlets such as print, online, broadcast media and other social channels. PIQUE allowed me to find one home base to express myself.

I was mainly ecstatic to join PIQUE because Imad’s viewpoint as a fellow young Torontonian mimics mine; we relate and grasp the culture of Toronto’s starving creatives as we are immersed in it. Changing Toronto’s stereotype and viewpoint of being the “Screw Face Capital” where many hate and very few support and love is key in today’s society. As for Imad, creating a positive community where artists of sorts can band together and showcase their talents is a beautiful and refreshing thing to witness. I can only imagine having to pick just 100 candidates at a time is tough, but to witness the 100 talents meet, support and build genuine rapports with one another is a priceless feeling. I have to admit, I’ve met a few individuals through PIQUE who continue to motivate and inspire me. In fact, I’m in the middle of a few collaborative projects. I feel blessed to have met beautiful souls during this experience. Imad is a one-man army and has such a selfless personality and heart of gold — despite juggling a 9-5 job, he has sacrificed his time, energy and sleep to feature individuals he believes in. Without expecting a thing on his end, his main priority is showcasing Toronto’s young creatives by giving them an outlet to speak out and show out what they are destined to be and become.

According to ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, he says, “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” As for Imad, he is that positive omen who genuinely conspires to help others achieve and tell their stories.

Christina Cheng
Journalist. Stylist. Creative Contributor.

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