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The Vocalist Magazine Presents: Music Made in Montreal by Montrealers

Do you take pride in discovering new artists before they break the music charts? What if these artists were from your very own neighborhood? The Vocalist Magazine Presents features ten Montreal-based musicians that will make you dance and proud to be a Montrealer.

The Vocalist Magazine, available since 2007, is a Montreal-based digital seasonal publication dedicated to music. Samuel Biks, publisher and editor of the magazine, and TV1 are collaborating to expand the magazine to a series of video documentaries named The Vocalist Magazine Presents, fill in the blank of the band.

“The mission of the show is to popularize music and its coaching in schools,” says Biks. A lot of young people dream of being a musician. In order to make this dream more accessible, the show unveils the secrets behind a musician’s career. It gives a proper introduction to the medium and makes the music business less abstract and more accessible to aspiring artists, says Biks.

In keeping with their mission, The Vocalist Magazine does not only feature artists during their moment of fame. Instead, it highlights the ups and downs of a musician’s career and provides insight into the artist’s lifestyle: their voice training techniques, diet and fashion style. It also gives tips on the music business and how to break in.

“Being a musician is a career – it’s hard work and artists have to cultivate their craft. We want to motivate young musicians by giving them an overall image of what it is to have a career in music,” says Biks.

Each episode of the ten-part documentary series hosted by Anna Kroupina, junior editor at The Vocalist Magazine, is divided into three parts. Each part reflects the musician’s journey: their past, their present and their future.

By Helene Bauer, Intern





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