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Made in Montreal | A blog series: Episode 3, The Plateau

Episode three explores one of Montreal’s most well-known and historic neighbourhoods – the Plateau.

In recent years, it has become known for its famous eateries, vibrant nightlife and fantastic shopping, but it was once a central location for manufacturing in this city.

And some of Montreal’s most recognizable brands continue to make their goods in this bustling downtown hub.

For this episode, we had the pleasure of meeting three makers who sell their products throughout the world, but still appreciate the value of making goods close to home.

Meet Our Makers:

Kanuk Coat

Louis Grenier grew up in a family of sewers. So when this avid outdoorsman needed a decent winter coat he made it himself, and thus began Kanuk coats.

One of Quebec’s most recognizable brands, Kanuk’s adherence to making quality garments is, in many ways, due to its adherence to local manufacturing.

Louis’ tour of the Kanuk factory was a lesson in quality craftsmanship ... and a little Plateau history too.



Pajar Boots

Put three generations of shoemakers together and you’re bound to get some high quality footwear!

The Golbert family has been selling their shearling winter boots throughout the world for over fifty years. By keeping the business in the family and close to home, Jacques and sons have maintained their competitive edge in the footwear market - Plateau makers whose products have taken the world by storm.



Mosaika Designs

Kori Smyth and Saskia Seibrand are the childhood friends turned business partners behind Mosaika designs.

Combining Kori’s business savvy and Saskia’s artistic talent, Mosaika creates incredible mosaics with a focus on public art installation.

Their workspace was incredible and their works of art with amaze you. Who knew that one of the Plateau’s coolest places is still one of its best kept secrets ...until now!


About us: Made in Montreal

Made in Montreal is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting local manufacturing in Montreal.

This series highlights the fascinating cast of characters who make up the historically rich, multi-cultural, multi-lingual fabric of Montreal’s manufacturing industry.

Come explore this beautiful city through the eyes of its makers. To learn more about the show, click here.

Photo credit: Katherine Raymond





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