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Made in Montreal | A blog series: Episode 2, The Mile End

Episode Two: The Mile End

In episode two we explore the Mile End. Considered Montreal’s hipster Mecca, this neighbourhood actually has a very rich and storied history of manufacturing. Yep, the Mile End is much more than coffee shops, open-mic nights and bespectacled dudes with beards!

Though big industrial operations have come and gone, a new kind of maker has settled-in. They are smaller, artisanal manufacturers who blend art and commerce to create unique but practical products, sold throughout the country.

Here are some of the savvy business-people who are making things while making it happen, in one of Montreal’s trendiest neighbourhoods.

Meet Our Makers

Jacques Gallant is the quintessential modern-day blacksmith – he won’t fix a horseshoe but he’ll definitely fix your bike!

With over thirteen years experience, Gallant has built a business servicing artists, designers, architects and anyone else who needs quality metalwork. Situated in an old pickle factory, we loved hanging-out in Jacques’ shop. A fascinating blend of modern machinery and old-timey tooling, Jacques was an ideal host.

Alex even tried his hand at forging, which was only a little bit scary to watch!



Jennifer Glasgow arrived in the Mile End in the early stages of its rebirth. After exploring the worlds of performance art and costume design, Jennifer worked her way into fashion, becoming one of the city’s most recognizable designers. With her atelier in an old garment factory, Glasgow is a modern iteration in the history of Mile End garment-making.

Her store, General 54, carries Glasgow’s beautiful creations alongside the work of some of Canada’s most talented artisans and designers.

Checking out the work of this artist and entrepreneur was certainly one of our more stylish treats.



Jesse Herbert combines an artistic sensibility with the hands-on practicality of his engineering background. His company, Oopsmark Designs produces unique leather goods, with the focus on serving the needs of contemporary urbanites.

We enjoyed the tour of Jesse’s impressive workspace – light and beautiful, impressively efficient...with just the slightest hint of mad genius!


About us: Made in Montreal

Made in Montreal is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting local manufacturing in Montreal.

This series highlights the fascinating cast of characters who make up the historically rich, multi-cultural, multi-lingual fabric of Montreal’s manufacturing industry.

Come explore this beautiful city through the eyes of its makers. To learn more about the show, click here.





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