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Lovers and Fighters | A special invitation by Kelli Kieley

Calling all Lovers & Fighters in Toronto, you’re invited to our launch party on May 1, 2015 at the one and only SUPER WONDER GALLERY: 876 Bloor St. West.

Lovers & Fighters is a documentary series that follows artists who are fuelled by the “unstoppable urge” to create, an urge defined by the artist Christo in a film called “The Gates” by Albert Maysles and Antonio Ferrera. Sadly, Mr. Maylses passed away last week, leaving many filmmakers and film lovers to mourn this brilliant man whose work was so inspiring.

I remember working for a small distribution company, not being very excited to screen this documentary about New York City’s largest public art exhibition. By the end of the film (which spanned 26 years and captured the indomitable couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude as they realize their ambitious and and controversial $21 million dollar project), I found myself weeping. I wasn’t expecting to be profoundly impacted by a film about an art project. But it was the impact of the installation on the people in New York’s Central Park during the 13 day installation in 2005 that was moving beyond words. That is the transformative power of art: the power of a vision so profound that it compelled two artists and two filmmakers to commit for almost 3 decades (and 600 hundred hours of film).

While we can only aspire to become great filmmakers like Maysles and Ferrera in our lifetime, and although not all of the artists we feature will create the gargantuan scale works that Christo and Jeanne-Claude are famous for, Lovers & Fighters focuses on the unexamined life of the artist – the tremendous courage, commitment and passion it takes to listen to your inner voice and live a life of creativity… silencing (inner and outer) critics, surviving the financial highs and lows, “successes” and “failures”.

We have had the fortune to meet and follow such artists in Toronto who interact with and change our experience within the world we inhabit, making it more interesting, and challenged us to witness it differently.

Thanks to TV1 for supporting the Lovers & Fighters project, and to all the Lovers & Fighters like us, whose unstoppable urges compel them to create. It is our intention to expand outside Toronto and to stimulate other funding and commercial opportunities for artists to help make their work, so that they can continue to change, challenge and rock our worlds.

On Twitter : @fighters_lovers

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