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Local Hero Solves Toronto’s Snake Plague!

Before we get to the good news, Touring T.O. would like to make a statement.

No one has been affected by the city’s snake invasion more than the tourism industry and Touring T.O. is no exception. Even though we are the only company to offer rickshaw tours of the city’s obscure and fascinating landmarks, we have seen business drop due to the dangers the snakes poses.

But that doesn’t mean we are going to be petty about it!

Let’s put the past behind us. Has the city’s tourism industry been destroyed by an invasion of venomous snakes? Yes. Does it really matter who released the Indian Viper that has been interbreeding with all the local garter snakes? Do police really need to keep hunting for the culprits who released this notoriously hard to control animal – perhaps completely by accident – and started snake-ocalypse? I am sure whoever lost track of the original snake feels really, really bad about it.

Let’s concentrate on the future! The Toronto tourism industry has been saved! Snake-ocalypse is over, and it’s all thanks to a mysterious stranger. Do you remember Thursday morning? It was quiet. Too quiet. Where were the usual screams of commuters being ambushed on their way to their cars? That’s when most of us got word of a man dressed like an outback commando, hauling snake carcasses towards a large bonfire he had built in the middle of Dundas Square. We may never know where he came from or why he decided to help us. Let’s be grateful, avoid asking questions, and just move forward.

The city is ours again!

So why not celebrate by taking one of our fascinating tours in our state-of-the-art rickshaw! Let us show you all the coolest landmarks you have never heard of while we can. Learn more by booking one of our unique tours!

Call us now at (416) 555 – TOUR

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Founder - Touring T.O.

Scott Leaver (Martin) and Shawn Ahmed (Omar) are actors and writers who live in Toronto. Touring T.O. is their first series for TV1. Watch all 8 episodes of Touring T.O. on channel 1217!

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