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Guest blogger | Couch Talk Host and Producer: Cindy Charles

Cindy Charles invites some of Montreal’s most talented, passionate and inspirational women to share their stories on her special, silver couch. Artists, yogis, bloggers, entrepreneurs, health coaches, fashionistas and activists dive into what drives them to be on top of their game.

The shooting for season 3 is already in the making and Cindy has prepared once again an amazing line-up of inspiring women. Here’s her take on the whole process and how she chooses her guests:

I look forward to every season of Couch Talk, from the stressful part to the sense of accomplishment when it's all over. The funny thing is that the minute we wrap up a season, I'm already thinking about who I would like to have next!

I try to think of people that I see or hear are doing big things in Montreal. I also look for interesting causes that I feel more people should know about. For example, when I was approached by Bonnie Brayton from DAWN-RAFH Canada, having her on the show was a no brainer because it was pretty obvious that people with disabilities was one of the most overlooked demographics around the world. I think the minute you have a platform, it's your duty as a member of society to shed light on things that matter.

I try to balance things out in terms of topics, every interview is not always about changing the world but I try to choose women that will inspire somehow. I can honestly say that so far I haven't dealt with any divas. Everyone has been down to earth and has brought really positive energy to the set.

When I choose my 10 women per season, I look at all 10 as a whole. I make sure that as a group they are diverse in terms of views, careers and ethnicities. As individuals, I look for those who have an interesting life story that has brought them to some level of success. I always look forward (I'm sometimes nervous too) to calling a potential guest, telling them about the show and getting to know them.

I always find a way to connect with my guests about something and I hope viewers do too, so stay tuned!

The shooting for season 3 is set to begin at the end of May, and new episodes will be release later in the summer. To learn more about the past seasons, click here.

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Photo credit: Marcus F





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