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TV1’s Neville in My Backyard wins Golden Sheaf!

Established in 1947, the Yorkton Film Festival is one of the most respected and longest running film festivals in Canada, awarding international and domestic productions directed by Canadians, and focusing on films that are under 60 minutes long. Formerly known as the International Film Festival, Yorkton’s festival is located in small town Saskatchewan, in a place with a population of only 17,000. Despite this small size, the Golden Sheaf Awards remain one of the most important prizes for Canadian Television and film.

Having not one but two of our shows be nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award was an honor itself. The nominated shows were Sheldon Neil’s Culture Shock: Axe Throwing, and Neville in my Backyard in the Community Television Production category. Neville in my Backyard took home the award for best Community Television Production. We sat down with the producers Sarah Martin and Sean Liliani afterwards to discuss how they felt about the win.

What were your thoughts when you guys found out you were nominated for an award?
We were thrilled that our first film together was considered for an award. The more we learned how prestigious the Yorkton Film Festival was, the more we felt honored to be selected.

How does it feel to win an award that is Canadian based? What does this award mean to you?
Sean and I enjoyed the festival. It was such an intimate and friendly setting; we got to meet filmmakers and broadcasters from around the country but vibe was so casual it felt like we were all on a camping trip together. It was a uniquely Canadian experience and we were thrilled to win the award.

What does TV1 mean to you during this process?
The support and encouragement we received from TV1 was amazing. Wilf and Ian took a big chance accepting this project and they gave us support and creative freedom to tell this story. It means a lot to work with a team that is encouraging creativity and believes in the strength and importance of community projects. We're greatly appreciative for their backing and getting us to Yorkton!

What is the next step for you guys?
We're working on a feature length version of our film. The longer documentary will focus on a hunter and his relationship with the coyote and the street. It wouldn't be possible without first making this piece for TV1.

Toronto is an up and coming city filled with vibrant culture. Being able to create a documentary like Neville in my Backyard shows a different side of the city, and shows how much more Toronto has to offer. TV1 is proud to have helped Sarah and Sean in their journey of creating this documentary. Here at TV1, we always empower the general public to create and share innovative local stories. If you have an exciting idea for an exciting TV show that represents Toronto, reach out to us, and let's make it happen. Winning this award at the Yorkton Film Festival is only the beginning for TV1. Stay tuned for more!

Follow Sarah @sarah_ink and Sean @lisean and us of course @BellLocalTO on Twitter.





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